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    With Jur

    dispute Resolution Time up to 3 months at a lower price*


    *The above figures are based on data compiled by the Doing Business project (an initiative of The World Bank Group) concerning commercial disputes through a local first-instance court with claims whose value is equal to 200% of the economy’s income per capita or USD 5.000,00, which­ever is greater, and where recorded costs are average attorney fees, court costs and enforce­ment costs

    Jur is the first multi-jurisdiction ODR. 100% online, it safely covers 166 jurisdictions for any civil and commercial dispute.

    Experience the same digital standard across the world.

    • have
    • solve
    a problem.

    2.8 Billion of people

    are estimated to have unresolved civil and administrative needs

    User-friendly justice 10x faster

    80% Time saved

    Today every country has a backlog in commercial and civil disputes, and solving a dispute takes around 600 days and 25% of the cost of the claim's value.

    Reliable. By design.

    The Open Justice Platform is a blockchain-powered decentralized platform promoted by the Swiss-based Jur AG.

    100% Online

    Resolve your dispute completely online from the comfort of your seat. No more back and forth with courts. No more records missing.

    Legally Binding

    Jur is a multi-jurisdiction ODR and it follows international convention on Arbitration. Arbitral awards generated on the platform are 100% legally binding.


    Go to the platform and quickly open a dispute. Know the expected costs and duration in advance. On average the platform will be 80% faster than a traditional solution


    Disputes' data is managed with the highest security standards both while transmitting and at rest. Your data is kept confidential and cannot be accessed directly not even by Jur.

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    Diana Wallis, ex Vice President European Parliament